Let's build your foundational math skills.

Northwoods Education takes an applied approach to mathematics, offering applied math classes that focus on providing students with the foundational skills they will need to succeed in their later math classes and in life. 

Let's expand your scientific knowledge.

Our half credit of applied science classes are designed to teach the basic science literacy needed for 21st century jobs and citizenship. 

Express yourself.

In our high school English courses, we use social media to teach critical reading and concise writing skills. We start each class by showing students the educational terminology used within the Northwoods education platform. 

Make smarter life decisions

Many students leave high school lacking the basic skills they need to succeed in life. We aim to reduce bad decision making by having honest conversations about life and the consequences of our decisions. We also teach students about the negative and life-changing results around poor money habits, drug use, and unsafe sex.

By the end of our life skills classes, students should understand how to care for themselves, how to secure transportation and housing, and make good, productive decisions that will benefit them now and later on in life.

Discover the other side of high school social studies.

Our tenth-credit high school social studies courses cover current issues and high interest topics that are not normally taught in schools. In each class, we use images and videos to talk about the contributions and accomplishments of minority groups and lower-income rural Americans. By the end of each course, students should be able to carry a conversation about basic political and social ideas.