Life Skills: Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship FAQ

Risk Management- Risk Factors

Risk Factors Whether it is trying to impress somebody of the opposite sex, being late, being sleepy or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs outside factors influence the way we make decisions.  It is important to understand these factors and how they influence our risks. Learn more about Risk Factors! How to pass [...]

Risk Management-Medical Expenses

Risk ManagementMedical Expenses In this course, we will calculate the cost of injuries that people in videos we watch receive.  Bad decisions can be both painful and expensive.  In the United States, many people do not have health insurance or are under-insured which means that a bad decision could cost you thousands of dollars or more. [...]

Risk Management- Property Expenses

This class covers the property expenses caused by making bad decisions. This class will use math operations and problem solving to estimate the damages caused by people's bad decisions. How to Complete This Class Complete the attached quiz or answer by leaving voicemails at 715-575-1952.

Risk Management Decision Making

Risk Management- Decision Making Skills This class will cover bad decisions made by other people.  We will specifically talk about the decisions people made that led to risk behavior. People do stupid stuff.  Things like the drive to be accepted, alcohol and drugs cause people, especially teenagers to make poor decisions. How to Complete the [...]

Assessment for Advocacy

Assessments This class will allow Northwoods Education to collect all the information they need in order to work with you.  These assessments can be done over the phone as well.

Independent Study Credit

For 0.1 or 1/10 credit independent study complete the form at the bottom of the page. For .25 or more credits of independent study go through all 4 lessons. How to Choose an Independent Study Topic You should choose an independent study to showcase things that you already know or want to learn. If you [...]

Risk Management Math

The Math Behind Risk Behavior The Costs of Risk Behavior Sex, Drugs and Driving Fast are all potentially very expensive and dangerous.  This course will cover why risk behavior is dangerous and/or expensive and bad for your future.  Often students get access to all three within the same period of time.  In this lesson we [...]

School Credit Systems

High School Credits In this lesson we will discuss high school credits and how the system for rewarding credits works. Read More College Credit Hours In this lesson we will discuss how college degrees and trade programs work with credits.  We will go through an overview of the different levels of college degrees. Read More [...]

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Internet Currency Before Paypal money people had two options to send money, by checks or interbank transfers.  Checks were slow and interbank transfers were expensive. Read More The Birth of Blockchain The precursor to bitcoin was m pesa in Kenya, which came from a company called Safaricom.  M pesa allowed people to send money over the [...]

Buying a Used Car

Buying A Used Car Buying a car outright. In this course we will cover how you go about buying a car with cash.  Buying a car with cash requires you to have more money up front, but is cheaper over time.  Most finance experts recommend owning your car outright and not having payments.  Good cars [...]

Financing a new car

Birth of Hip Hop

The Birth of Hip Hop New York in the 1970's New York City in the 1970's a fertile place for culture.  People moved into New York from all over the world and mixed in New York's 5 borroughs. Read More The influence of Disco Disco was wierd.  But disco left a large number of records [...]


Petroleum Petroleum's Uses This lesson covers petroleum's many uses.  Anybody who lives in a modern country uses petroleum every day.  Petroleum is used in manufacturing and transit of nearly... everything.  From the fertilizers that grow our food to the fuel that runs ours cars we use Petroleum in many different ways. Read More From Well [...]

Education Terminology

This class will focus on Education Terms you need to know to succeed at Northwoods Education and in School.  We want the students who pass this class to understand the words and ideas behind their education. General Terms This lesson has most general terms you will need to know as a student. Get Started Special [...]

Renewable Energy

This course is a short overview of renewable energy sources and their applications.  We will study solar, wind and other types of renewable energy. Basics of Energy This page contains all the activities, resources and assessment for the Renewable Energy Mini Credit.  The slides, video, text and assessment are all available on this page. All [...]

Ask me anything

This course will cover separating important information from unimportant information.  We use the Ask Me Anything forum on Reddit because it provides an opportunity to get questions answered by important and influential people.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water This .1 credit course covers the world's challenges with providing drinking water to our ever growing population. Where does our drinking water come from? The water that comes out of our faucets was once underground in an aquifer or in a river or lake. The water is treated and moved from the source [...]

Today I learned- Texting

In this course you will compose short summaries of articles on the Today I Learned subreddit. This class is repeatable for up to .3 credits.  This class expires at 30 days, at which point you will be given different options to complete the credit.   If you have any questions you can or text […]

Today I learned-Online

In this course you will compose short summaries of articles on the Today I Learned subreddit. This class is repeatable for up to .3 credits.  This class expires at 30 days, at which point you will be given different options to complete the credit.   If you have any questions you can or text […]