Black Inventors

Black Inventors

Black Inventors helped build the modern world.

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Black inventors changed the world!

Black inventors made the modern world possible.  From the automatic transmission to modern cataract surgery black inventors have made our world a much more comfortable place.

Black Medical Inventors

Black inventors revolutionized medical technology.  Black inventor's biggest mark was left in blood banks with the refrigerated semi and the processes to preserve blood.  Numerous other procedures and technologies were pioneered by black inventors as well.

Black Car Inventors

The automatic transmission, turn signals and automatic oiling were all invented by black people.  Black inventors have pioneered a number of auto technologies including safety features and the refrigerated semi trailer.

Black Computer Inventors

Black inventors helped lead the way in the design of modern electronics, the computer and the internet as we know it.  At this point in history microphones are cheap and small, your home computer can easily be networked in to work as part of a supercomputing network and high speed internet is relatively cheap.

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