Independent Study Credit

For 0.1 or 1/10 credit independent study complete the form at the bottom of the page. For .25 or more credits of independent study go through all 4 lessons.

How to Choose an Independent Study Topic

You should choose an independent study to showcase things that you already know or want to learn.

If you are doing something that you already know, we will expect you to show growth in that area.  If you are doing something new we will expect that you can show knowledge of a new area.

You can choose to do an independent study on almost anything, as long as the topic is legal, non violent and safe.  You can make most activities fit most subjects depending on how you show learning.

What do you need to do to receive credit?

To award credit we will need to see you demonstrate growth in the area you have chosen to do and you will need to demonstrate that growth using a certain subject area.

So for instance you want math credit for skiing.  We will ask you to go skiing and do numerous math problems based on your skiing.

With normal classroom classes the teacher is in charge, but with independent study you need to be self-directed to receive credit.

How are you going to show your learning?

You need to come to an agreement with your course mentor to outline your goals and how to get to your goals.

You will need to make a plan as to what you will do to show your learning.  Learning will be shown by creating a final product.  We are very open to many different ways to show learning, for instance; selfies for PE, youtube tutorials for auto mechanics and reddit comments for specific subject matter knowledge.

How you are going to be graded on your learning

What does an A look like?  What does a B look like?  In independent studies you create a plan with your course mentor that outlines your goals and what your grade will be based on completion of that goal.

Independent Study Contract mini credit

This form is for independent study contracts for 0.1 or 1/10 credit classes.
  • We can name it later, no pressure here.
  • Pick the subject you want to earn credits in. Often times how you choose to be assesed has more bearing on the credits than the subject matter.
  • How long have you done this? Do you have any goals or are you working towards a finished product?
  • You will explain more below, but keep in mind that 0.1 or 1/10 of a credit represents hours of time 13.5 hours spent towards learning and showing that knowledge. Selfies will be accepted for practical classes.

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