Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

This course is a short overview of renewable energy sources and their applications.  We will study solar, wind and other types of renewable energy.

Basics of Energy

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Biomass is energy that comes from burning plant matter.  There are many different applications for biomass.  The most common uses of biomass are wood burning power plants and bio diesel fuel for diesel engines.

Solar Energy

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Wind Power

In this section we cover wind power.  Many parts of the US are prime for windpower development, including most of the midwest and large parts of the coast.

Hydro Electricity

Hydro Electricity uses the down hill movement of water to generate electricity.

Energy Storage

Energy storage is currently the missing piece in moving off of fossil fuels.  The sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow, hydro electric dams destroy fish habitat.

Jobs in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy jobs are growing all over the world.  Many of these jobs pay well without a college degree.  For instance, starting wind turbine workers earn more than teachers.

Downsides of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy doesn't work for all applications.

Course Materials