Renting an Apartment

Renting an Apartment

This course will cover the steps and process of renting your first apartment.  This course will require taking screenshots and browsing outside sites like Craigslist and Apartment Finder.

Figure out your budget

You should spend 25% or 1/4 of your income on rent.  If you make $10 an hour, that means you make $400 per week and about $1600 per month.

That would mean you would want to spend around $400 per month on rent.  For this class we can assume you will have a room mate, so two bedroom apartments will be split in half.

Looking for an Apartment

You need to think about what you want in an apartment or rental house.  In many places you will have decisions as to what you want in your house.

For instance do you want more space?  Or do you want to live in a smaller apartment that is really close to everything?  Do you want room mates or do you really want to live by yourself?

Getting an Apartment

You will need to sign a lease and give a security deposit.  Security deposits are often the same amount as a month's lease.

Leases often last a full year and are complex documents that lay out the conditions of you renting the house.

The Math of Renting

In this section we walk though some of the common math problems involved in renting.  We will also discuss rental insurance and utilities.


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