Risk Management Math

Risk Management Math

The Math Behind Risk Behavior

The Costs of Risk Behavior

Sex, Drugs and Driving Fast are all potentially very expensive and dangerous.  This course will cover why risk behavior is dangerous and/or expensive and bad for your future.  Often students get access to all three within the same period of time.  In this lesson we discuss the basics of risk and how to manage it.

Driving Related Risk

This lesson will cover risk associated with driving.  We cover the basics auto insurance, liability, auto repair and personal injury related to driving.

Risks Related to Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs, Alcohol and tobacco are expensive both in their up front and long term costs.   In addition to spending a great deal of money on these things it is also possible to lose a great deal of money on these things by becoming addicted.  People who are addicted to drugs, alcohol or tobacco make bad decisions with their money and will miss out on opportunities because of addiction.

Physical Risk

In this lesson we discuss physical risk and health insurance.

Risks Related to Sexual Behavior

In this section we discuss sexual risk behavior and how it affects our lives and should affect our decisions.

Criminal Risk Behavior

In this lesson we look at risk behavior and criminal records.  Risk behavior can lead to dealing with authority more often than one would like.

Defamatory Risk

In this section we discuss how to maintain one's reputation and good name.  People can damage their reputation and futures by engaging in legal but negative acts both in real life and online.

Quiz Assessment

This is your assessment.  We will ask a number of question about the above mentioned risks and how to manage them.

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