Time Space and Speed

Time Space and Speed

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About Time Space and Speed

We teach the basics of Time Space and Speed with minimal math.

At the end the goal of this class is for you to be able to talk about parsecs, time dilation and the mechanics of time travel.

We have many awesome images, narrated videos and other resources to help you wrap your head around the interplace of time space and speed.

Don't Panic

This course will be fun!

We will use many awesome images!

We will go slow and explain things in detail!

How to Succeed!

1) Go through all the lessons in the course OR go the time space and speed knowledgebase and read through all the images, articles and videos.

2) Read through the Study Guide and then go back over the images, articles and videos to get the information you need.

3) Take the assessment.

4) If you passed make arrangments for Northwoodseducation.com to speak to your teacher so that you can receive credit.

5) You may need to complete an interview/assigngment  with your teacher to demonstrate your knowledge of Time Space and Speed.

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Time, Space and Speed

Time-The big bang and the basics of time

This Lesson Covers:

The Big Bang!

How we measure time



Space-Distance and Displacement

This Lesson Covers:



Measuring Distances

Large and Small distances

Speed-Movement through space

This Lesson Covers:


Really high speeds

Really slow speeds

How to express speed

Sythesis- Time Dilation and Time Travel

This Lesson Covers:

Time Dilation

Time=Movement through space

Time Travel Mechanics

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