WordPress Custom Websites to Drive Student Achievement, Improve Engagement and Meet IEP goals.

Custom web interfaces start with talking to the student and allowing them to choose a domain name to use to set up the school.  When then work with the student to find the best themes, fonts and assessment format for them to succeed.

We use high quality Word Press themes and plugins.  We build visually compelling classes. We cooperate with students, parents and teachers to provide classes that meet student interests, needs and the religious framework of families.

Starting at $2500 per site deployment.*

These custom sites are built with specific students or groups of students in mind.  We build sites with student needs and interests in mind.

These sites can handle 10-15 users maximum and route all assignments to the school designated admin.  Monthly support is available.

This option is ideal for increasing rigor in Remote Site, Resource Room and Alternative Education situations.

*Hosting, Assessment and Curriculum costs are additional depending on organizational needs.

Custom Online School Solutions

Do you like the way Northwoods Education looks?  Do you want a wordpress based online school interface for your school?

Starting at $8,000 we are able to create robust online school systems for schools large and small.  These sites can handle up to 100 students.

Would you want a site for your school that looks similar to Northwoods Education.com?

This option is best for school districts seeking to roll out virtual school operations or automate certain classes.

This product includes the creation of a wordpress LMS system with the ability to expand out to large populations and many different support options available.

Northwoods Education is able to build compelling online training for a wide variety of companies.  We use a cost + hourly model in order to maintain competitiveness.

We are able to quickly adapt on paper training to websites and other digital training methods.

At Northwoods Education we are able to furnish high quality low price training websites at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Our cost + hourly model with frequent checkins allows us to make sure that our customers are satisfied with their products.

We also offer in person trainings for administrators and employees.

  • Wordpress custom sites are for 10-15 students maximum. Custom Online School Solutions are intended for large numbers of possibly non SPED students.
  • Please mention size of deployment needed, type of audience and desired time frame.
  • Do you prefer email or phone? Is there a certain time of day that works best?