Find the right kind of technology for your needs.

Northwoods helps students find the right high tech and low tech technology solutions to meet their needs. We start our process with a consultation and assessment to learn more about you. Next, we create and roll out a plan that is tailored to help you succeed. After your plan has been rolled out, we keep ourselves available to answer any questions or make any adjustments to the technology.


Build strong study skills.

Our math & reading tutoring sessions are customized to fit what works best for you and your needs. In each 60-minute tutoring session, we focus on helping you build study skills for your current classes. Tutoring sessions can either and can take place in person, via a Google Hangout, or a mixture of the two.


Find a career you love.

In our career counseling program, we help enrolled students create a clear vision of what their lives will look like after they graduate from high school. We start the process by taking a look at each student’s unique abilities, skills, interests and values. Then, over the next year, we have the students engage in activities related to fields that match their interests and abilities.

Career Counseling

Get better education support.

When a current Northwoods student is facing disciplinary action in their school or needs better special education services, they can count on us to help. We work with all parties to come up with workable solutions so a student can get the education they need. We also run additional tests to come up with programs that are tailored to meet a student’s needs.

Education Advocacy