Assistive Technology and Lock Down Devices

We can create custom technology plans and find the best assistive technology for your student(s).   We are able to use a wide variety of ecosystems and products to recommend or provide the best technology experience for your students.

We can also rent or lease devices that are configured to your/student’s specific needs.  With improvements in technology devices that are a few years old are still functional.  Students tend to be rough on technology as well.  We rent, lease and sell configured devices with discounts for students who use our credit recovery.

We use LAN school and other programs to lock computers and tablets down so that students can stay out of trouble on the internet and focus on school.  Our team is able to monitor students who may need extra supervision online.  Our team is also able to lock computers down so that inappropriate content can be minimized.

Whether you need tablets for students with speech problems or lockdown laptops for students who cannot be trusted, we are able to provide devices and management for your needs.

We are able to provide services for one student up to whole classes and provide special deals for schools and families who also purchase credit recovery programs.

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Alternative Access Aids and modified tablets
lockdown browsers and secured laptops
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Credit Recovery Options

Free Membership

This membership level allows students to sample our monthly free mini credit. Students will get to sample a single credit monthly credit, results of tests will emailed to teachers.

All Access Membership

The All Access Membership level provides students with the ideal mix of access to classroom content and individual assessment.

Students with All Access Level membership receive regular weekly checkins with a certified teacher through texts or phone calls and are able to complete one independent study per month. Students at this level receive alternate assignments that relate to their needs, goals and interests. Students can use social media and leave voicemails to complete assignments.

All Access Deluxe

Our All Access Deluxe level membership is for students who are severely credit deficient and close to graduation. We use all tools at our disposal to get students to complete assignments and create evidence for credits.

Students with our All Access Deluxe membership can submit assignments through many different forms and show competency in any way possible (for example, trecording videos of themselves completing tasks and references from employers or using social media towards language arts goals).

Parents are able to help deliver instruction and frequent parent-teacher communication will occur to reach goals. We use many different automated and teacher delivered methods to ensure students create evidence towards graduation.

In addition to all the credit recovery services students also get advocacy services for if IEP and 504 meetings happen during months of membership. Online Advocacy Services are also included at this membership level.

Advocacy and Family Services

We offer assistive technology, lockdown computers, and monthly and yearly adovcay plans for students with special needs. Our primary goal for delivering advocacy services is to make sure students get what they need from the public school system.

With each plan, our staff can assess students in low stress ways that combine real world skills and grade level academic skills. Our advocates know the education industry very well and are able to create high quality education and technology plans.

Online Advocacy (Monthly Plan)

This is a monthly subscription for advocacy support for your student with special needs.

Online Advocacy (Annual Plan)

This is our yearlong advocacy plan. During the course of the year we will have bi-weekly check-ins and approve one IEP meeting. 

Membership Levels

We have two levels of online credit recovery programs by amount of interaction from a remote teacher.

Because students and schools have different needs and resources, we offer all products and memberships at different levels and modify them to match the individual needs and abilities of each student. Our classes and the tools we use for credit recovery, advocacy and assistive technology are ever changing.

Student success is our mission, and we seek to build our products and services to ensure all students achieve to their highest potential.


Free Membership Free Select