Online Advocacy Features

Northwoods Education’s All Access Deluxe Program is the perfect program for short to medium term credit recovery for struggling  Juniors and Seniors.  At this level we create custom content, modify most assignments and encourage independent studies.  We also work with students to gain credits for the skills they currently possess.  At this level we do whatever it takes to get those credits.

When students are part of our All Access Credit Recovery program we are assessing them consistently are and able to advocate for their needs easily.  We are able to get information from assignments that the traditional education system needs stressful tests to get.

This membership includes regular academic and behavioral tracking.  Regular communication with the student, parent and school.  We will complete academic tracking based school assignments or Credit Recovery work.

At this level of membership we are able to provide bi-weekly progress check ins,  help desk and Annual IEP meeting advocacy through phone and shared documents.  We are also able to participate in Functional Behavior Assessments, Manifestation hearings and Eligibility Assessments for an additional charge.

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