School District Services

Get a custom WordPress websites to meet IEP needs.

Every one of our credit recovery websites comes complete with IEP goals and automated reporting built in. We let the students choose the website’s design and the domain name and we only include course material and information that is relevant to their IEP goals and course of study. When students leave our program, the website is theirs to keep.

Get a Custom Wordpress Website to meet your IEP Needs

Increase engagement through your own online school.

We help brick and mortar schools increase student interest and enrollment rates by developing online schools with engaging class content. When we build your online school, we upload your existing classes to a beautiful and intuitive learning management system customized to your school’s needs and brand. We can also gamify your class content using cutting edge interface so your school can have its own unique online presence.

Online School

Help students get back on track with their classes.

By delivering class content to students in small servings, we are able to force higher level thought for smaller, more targeted areas of material. Once a student finishes reviewing the content, we assess them immediately so they can quickly demonstrate their competency and understanding of the class content.


Get high quality remote site instruction for a lower cost than using your own staff.

Our All Access Plus membership is designed specifically for remote site instruction of difficult students.  At this membership level we are able to build custom classes for students and modify classes to meet their needs.  This membership allows students to graduate with or close to their class while working on credits outside of school.


Help students earn full credit before the year ends.

Our credit recovery bootcamps are a perfect solution for schools that are looking to help students catch up on hours for classes they sat through but not did not pass.This program offers an intensive combination of on-site PE, computer work, hands on activities and credit recovery coursework. Students should be able to demonstrate competency for up to 2 credits in one credit recovery session.


Rent secured laptops and assistive devices for your students.

We offer laptops equipped with LAN School for students who need to access the Internet through a controlled Internet connection. These laptops are also available to students who need assistive devices for their classes. Each laptop is monitored daily and updated as security violations occur.